Liquid Intelligent Technologies appoints Dicomm McCann as Agile Advertising Agency for 20 African markets

AAA is an acronym for so many different things and I’m sure you’ve heard it used in one context or another. When it comes to the Dicomm McCann and Liquid Intelligent Technologies (LIT) relationship, it means Agile Advertising Agency. Effective September 2022, Dicomm McCann is LIT’s AAA of record for 20 African markets. Liquid Intelligent Technologies owns and operates Africa’s largest cross-border fiber optic network spanning over 100,000kms from Cape Town to Cairo, Port Sudan to Lagos, Dar es Salaam to the West Coast of DR Congo and covering more than 300 towns and cities across Africa. Dicomm McCann is part of McCann Worldgroup, a global advertising network headquartered in New York US and listed on the NYSE through Inter-Public Group (IPG). McCann Worldgroup is a leading global marketing services company with an integrated network of advertising agencies in over 120 countries and it’s the McCann offices scattered around Africa that Dicomm McCann will work closely with to implement the AAA agreement with LIT.

What is an Agile Advertising Agency?

We love to define an Agile Advertising Agency as an agency that has agility, ability and acumen to think strategically and tactically while developing and producing quality creative material within the shortest period of time. Some will probably think this utopia doesn’t exist but, with the rapid changes in technology and the marketing environment, Dicomm McCann has had to adapt in order to be not only relevant in today’s world but to also have a sure footing in what the future will be.

How did this all start?

What started off as ad hoc work in markets like Kenya, DRC and Zimbabwe, quickly grew as a result of passion, dedication, agility, campaignable creative ideas and a rewarding relationship. Subsequently Dicomm McCann participated in the tender process and was awarded the AAA contract.

Looking forward

Everyone at Dicomm McCann, McCann Worldgroup and McCann affiliate offices in Africa is super excited about this development. Liquid as a company has transitioned from being an infrastructure company to offering intelligent services (hence the rebrand from Liquid Telecom to Liquid Intelligent Technologies) and this is coming with lots of opportunities for the customers and business partners.

Dicomm McCann really looks forward to working with other McCann offices scattered around Africa to deliver consistent Liquid Intelligent branding in all markets. Engagements have already started taking place and we are so fascinated and intrigued by the diversity of Africa and how each piece finds its place to complete the puzzle. One of our first projects is already underway as we embark on the rebranding launch in South Sudan. We’re super excited about how it’s going, all we can say is ‘Watch this space!’

Commenting on this development, the Managing Director of Dicomm McCann Charles Mutemera stated, “It’s a humbling experience to be trusted with such a big responsibility, the team is excited and the enthusiasm is evident with everyone. We are certainly looking forward to assisting LIT on their marketing initiatives and the overall group vision of building a digitally connected future that leaves no African behind”.

Here’s to an intelligent future.