OMG Is The Ideal Response

In our quest to finding truth by – Helping Brands Earn a Meaningful Role in People’s Lives, – we like to imagine ourselves as explorers seeking to unearth hidden treasure. Like every treasure hunt, it begins with an explorer, a map and tools. The journey to finding X will begin and finally comes to a close with the discovery of hidden treasure. In the context of our reality, there has only been one goal for us, which is to find the treasure, to unlock the true potential of brands, ours included.

Dicomm McCann Team – herein referred as ‘explorer’, continues to be truly mesmerized by the inspiring work done by all the brands we represent, which in turn feeds the embers of our creative passion. Our passion connects into every campaign, every task and every job we complete. We’ve found that this has propelled us into unleashing the true potential of services and products, designed to earn the endearment of audiences. We thrive to connect the meaning of brand with – day to day experiences, touch points in society, and most importantly the needs of audiences.

Our clients and honoured stewards, always challenge us to look through their lenses, to lead them into expanding the horizon of their perspective. When all is said and done, our greatest work and proudest moments all began by joining hands with our stewards and facing the journey to finding the treasure and unlocking the true meaning of a brand.

Speaking of finding treasure and unlocking the true meaning of a brand, there is one brand in particular whose recent partnership with us represents in many ways, how far we have come in our quest. Before we announce our partnership with the formidable international financial services group, we want to first highlight three key lessons we’ve learnt since the initiation of partnership with our client.

  1. Creativity transcends time and borders

Creativity connects us all in shared vision and understanding. Days leading to the launch of a big campaign in the works, have shown us how there truly is no limit to imagination and how it can be shared; bypassing all common barriers such as geography, language and cultural beliefs.

  1. OMG is the ideal response

Without an OMG from the client, there is no other way to go except back to the drawing board.

  1. The truth is the core of the message

Lastly, in our search to find and unlock value, we have found that the audience will respond to the message broadcast by the brand, but only commit to the truth. The truth lies in the value to the audience and this is where the Dicomm McCann, the explorer, has cemented its position in all the work it commits to. The truth of our partnerships is moulded by the existing value which we springboard to new heights of recognition.