One SURE way to grow your business

Today’s business world is marked with ruthless and destructive competition. The supreme mindset in this art of war is to always subdue the enemy. You give blows, you get blows, that’s it, it’s a dog eat dog situation. You have to do whatever it takes to survive in this marketplace.

Success means everything and we all know that, he will win whose army is ready by the same spirit throughout this battle. One of the places and events that companies can take advantage of is the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF). This is one of the largest intra-regional trade fairs in South of Sahara, running it’s 58th edition this year from 25-29 April. It would be a sad occurrence if your company were to miss this great opportunity to alienate the enemy by growing your brand’s visibility, showcase, link and make deals as well as learn from global participants.

It has been our immense pleasure to have been housing the ZITF brand and its other sub brands like Washen since the year 2013, adding value by helping brands play a meaningful role in the lives of people.

Because of its diverse trade investment offerings and opportunities, thousands upon thousands flock to the ZITF every year. This year the event promises to be even bigger and better and this is good hunting ground for both local and international exhibitors, big or small.

Sign up today and see what a world of good this will do for your business. Here is a glimpse of what is in store for you this year, ENJOY!