Thundering At Once With The Smoke In Vic Falls

July 6, 2018 / By

Gathered at the Kingdom Hotel, thousands of individuals in one place, filled with adrenaline, shoe laces tightened up and hearts pounding fast. Moments later, gunshots fired in the air and echoes of joy loud enough to lift the head of the impala grazing in the fields of the national parks in the area.

As we stood by the side of the road, all we felt was the wind of the thousands of people participating in the majestic Victoria Falls marathon. As we got lost in the façade of activity before us, we felt the thunders of the mighty Victoria falls fall on our backs and what almost felt like a harmonized stampede of joyed individuals running past us.

As we snapped back to reality, it dawned on us that we were in the presence of history being made. We smiled as we noticed how big the Econet Victoria falls marathon has grown.

The event is now attracting international participants from all over the world all vying in the ultimate test of endurance!

Two of our ladies Miss B and Tatenda Sagomba braved the weather and accepted the challenge to participate in the 21km race. This race was the biggest as it attracted over 3200 registered participants.

The terrain (although tough) was breathtaking, from running to the Zambian border, through the national game park of Vic Falls which had a beautiful scenery and animals through to the Boma hotel where drummers were blazing beats for the runners and entertainment and health checks at the finish line, it was truly glorious!

The Dicomm and Total Media team would like to congratulate Econet for successfully hosting the 8th annual Victoria falls marathon.

We are looking forward to the 9th Edition. #BeTheThunder
vic falls marathon

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