Let the gigs roll for ZOL Zimbabwe

There’s something about the number 3. Throughout human history, 3 has been regarded as a perfect number because it is expressive of “beginning, middle, and end. Pythagoras believed that the number 3 stood for good fortune, and this certainly rings true in the campaign we ran for ZOL. The third month of the ZOL campaign burst at seams with good fortune.

In November 2021, ZOL approached the team at Dicomm McCann with a need to run a three-month campaign. ZOL wanted to promote new sign-ups for its internet service by offering free data in the third month of signing up. Given the basic brief, we had to get our thinking caps on and add a creative flair in order to get maximum hype.

As the creative agency that we are, we cracked it through our in-depth understanding of the current trends and virality.  We started by creating a beat exclusive to ZOL and it was through the careful selection of a popular genre which got people dancing. We locked in on this trend and created a challenge that allowed us to appeal to a wide demographic and this became a fun and memorable experience for our audience. Armed with an insightful campaign strategy, we also got the ball rolling with a catchy big idea that would get the customers talking. We came up with “Let the gigs roll” and the moment we presented it to our client, they were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to see the rest of the campaign. We rolled into the market with press ads, animation videos and social media content.

Our client was thrilled with the one-of-a-kind, fresh and exciting rollout of the campaign. We always endeavour to help brands play a meaningful role in people’s lives