It’s fresh, It’s new and it’s Red & Blue.

Change is inevitable. It’s a natural development in every sphere of life and even more so in business. In our world, a brand refresh is a natural occurrence in the development of a brand, occurring anywhere between 3 to 10 years of operation. You either evolve or get left behind, and that is why this has been a long time coming.

A common misconception about brand refreshes is the expectation to introduce sizeable dramatic changes. However, in reality, logo changes don’t have to be radical. Subtle improvements can make the world’s difference in repositioning a brand. This rebrand consists of a subtle change that we believe gives us a fresh start, a new look, and new beginnings. Our partnering team has revisited the drawing board, strategized, designed, and edited countless times and we’re proud to introduce our new look. The McCann logo has now gone blue.

The refreshed identity has been months in the making and we’re proud to finally get the opportunity to reveal to you what we’ve been keeping up our sleeve. The new logo incorporates the colour blue which, to us, represents freedom, boldness, imagination, inspiration, and stability. Everything that our agency represents and more. In the advertising, digital, and tech space, the colour blue is now associated with the metaverse and the prevailing transition to merge our physical and digital lives. This complements Dicomm’s position in the industry. The Dicomm red also complements the colour blue as it expresses boldness, confidence, and passion. The Dicomm red and McCann blue seamlessly merge and accurately represent the Dicomm McCann brand and what it represents.

As our business has evolved, so have the needs of our customers. Because of this, our team of keen, industrious, and driven individuals are continuously and proactively working to create, innovate and drive the advertising space in Zimbabwe.

Though we have refreshed our identity, our mission remains to help brands to play a meaningful role in people’s lives. We aspire to continue to lead in the advertising industry.