Nestlé Zimbabwe World Milk Day Celebrations

Another one from the Dicomm Group!

Take a moment to imagine a world without milk. It would mean cereal without that extra oomph, coffee without the much-needed boost of beneficial nutrients, maybe even brittle bones and so many things that just wouldn’t taste or be the same. That’s why it’s important to celebrate World Milk Day every year and this year, it was being commemorated under the theme “Sustainability in the dairy sector as well as environmental, nutritional and socio-economic empowerment.”

When Nestlé engaged the Dicomm Group ( TotalMedia UM & Dicomm McCann) to assist them in organising a first-of-its-kind event in support of World Milk Day to celebrate and give recognition to the grassroots of milk production, i.e the farmer, and also tell the Nestlé community impact story, it was a challenge we gladly accepted. The event was to be held at the Agroprosperity Trust Milk Collection Centre (MCC), lot 1 of Malwatte farm in Marondera. The small-scale farm is a key player in the Nestlé Dairy Empowerment Scheme (NDES), a partnership between Nestlé and Zimbabwe’s dairy farming community to help build the national herd while improving national milk production.

As the agency working with Nestle’ Zimbabwe and South Africa in partnership with the Weber Shandwick team, our role was to provide end to end services including being the on-the-ground planning partner and if we might say so ourselves, the event was spectacular as we managed to help the Nestle’ brand play a meaningful role in people’s lives by telling their story and telling it well! It was well executed as evidenced by the pomp and funfair at the event which was graced by dignitaries including government officials.

Speaking at the event, Nestlé Managing Director Mr. Luke Gomes said, “ Nestlé has several projects in the region and throughout the world that help to bring our purpose to life. In Zimbabwe, the NDES program is one way we are putting our purpose into action by assisting in Realising Empowered and Enabled Livelihoods by supporting both commercial and small-scale farmers.”