Communication is key- Rebranding from ZOL to Liquid Home

They say communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity, it is the lifeline of any relationship. Without it, businesses would come to a grinding halt, relationships and families wouldn’t exist. Life as we know it would simply fall apart.

Given this background, communicating a change of name, brand, email address, and the like has to be one of the most important items on the “to-do” list during a company transition. When ZOL (now Liquid Home) was going through this transition phase, they wanted their customers to know of the name change and this great rebrand. So, they approached Dicomm McCann to roll out the campaign for them. They had a strong need to breathe fresh life into their brand!

So how did Dicomm McCann communicate this to Liquid Home’s customers?

Our task was to communicate that this change was the beginning of more positive upcoming changes for the future. So, we set the ball rolling under the theme “We’re bringing you up to speed” with a mix of both ATL and social media posts, coupled with intriguing video animations that communicated the rebrand. With a clear strategy that took the customer through the journey of moving from “You deserve to live like this” to the new positioning “Where speed lives”, we executed our task swiftly and creatively as this needed to be done pronto. We always want to help brands play a meaningful role in people’s lives and being given the opportunity to do this for Liquid Home was an honour.