Taking a stand against stigma- Dicomm Launches Zimplats CSR Campaign

Zimplats - Friends with Albanism
A few months ago, Zimplats a member of the Implats group (listed on the Australian Stock Exchange) engaged Dicomm McCann on a very worthy cause. Today the “Beyond this skin” campaign was launched at Meikles Hotel in Harare. Working on the campaign brought the team close to the plight of people with albinism as we got to understand that as humans there are things we cannot control or change, for example our height, our hair type, our ethnic group or family and the colour of our skin. So often we label others and let ourselves be labeled based on these and yet these are just superficial measurements. What makes us human and either good or bad are things like our character, will and actions.
We got to spend time with various associations and families, hearing of the sad and horrific experiences they face and fear, the ignorance most perpetrators display is heart-breaking and the effects are catastrophic. In addition to the emotional and social discrimination people with albinism face, many struggle with acquiring the potentially lifesaving skin creams and protective wear which our client Zimplats has taken it upon themselves to supply; encouraging others to do the same.
Zimplats has thus embarked on a nationwide campaign that demystifies albinism, educates and helps prevent dangerous behaviour towards people with albinism and of this cause, we are proud to be a part.
On the creative side, this campaign opened an incredible opportunity for us to discover raw talent in the form of models, actors and actresses both young and old, with albinism here in our own backyard.
Like all our campaigns, Zimplat’s Beyond This Skin campaign has proven to be another truth worth telling.